Headlamp Manufacturers and HeadLamp Brands:


Petzl is a very popular brand since it provides headlamps and other equipment for both sport and customized professional needs. They offer headlamps for sailing, fishing, climbing, trail running, caving or any sport or endeavor that requires hands-free lighting. Petzl is actively involved in research and training for rescue and other occupations, which assists them in developing products that suit the needs of all involved professions. Petzl has been in business since the 1970’s when Fernand Petzl, an avid caver himself, began his quest for excellent products. Petzl now has a wide range of headlamps, from compact to ultra-powerful, to the in-between hybrids that have the best of both worlds. http://www.petzl.com

Black Diamond

Black Diamond had humble beginnings as eighteen-year-old Yvon Chouinard forged pitons by hand and sold them from the back of his car in 1957. Climbing equipment was scarce at that time. Thus began his humble business which later expanded to include items like headlamps. Now, the company has expanded globally to include a factory in Asia that complements the one in Salt Lake City, Utah. Black Diamond offers from single power LED lamps to the full-on quad power LED with 201-300 lumens. Their products seem to focus more on mountaineering, skiing and climbing activities. http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com


Mammut seems to have a more extensive history, with its beginnings reaching back to 1862 when Kaspar Tanner laid the groundwork for the company. Mammut began with a focus on rope works, and later expanded to include outdoor, mountaineering and snow sports equipment. Their product line in the way of headlamps is fairly limited. Their website shows only 7 types of headlamps and one standalone lantern. http://www.mammut.ch


Dorcy makes the brag that is the leading flashlight and lantern manufacturer and distributor in the U.S. They are a privately owned company that has been in business for 35 years and they specialize solely in lighting. Their headlamp line features about 12 different models which are commonly sold in stores like Kmart and Walmart. http://www.dorcy.com


Streamlight says that it is recognized as a worldwide leading provider of portable lighting needs and has been in business for 36 years now. They have specialized in manufacturing specialized lighting for many fields including sports, law enforcement, firefighting, automotive and military. Despite the fact that they specialize in all forms of lighting, we found a limited selection of headlamps for sporting needs. http://www.streamlight.com


Brunton is a 104-year-old company that centers around innovative camping equipment including kitchen utensils, compasses and optical equipment like binoculars. Their product offering contains only about 9 models in regards to headlamp equipment, but what they lack in quantity they seem to make up for in quality and ingenuity. http://www.brunton.com