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At HeadLamp.com you will learn about headlamps, but just to be clear, when we refer to a headlamp, we are not referring to headlights which are commonly used on a car. The headlamp we are talking about is commonly attached to a person’s head and illuminates the space ahead of them. On our site, you will find the following helpful pages:

  • We will go over common brands on the BRANDS PAGE giving you a description of each, their history and what they provide.
  • You will find it interesting to see where the headlamp idea came from and what its past was like on the HISTORY/TECHNOLOGY page.
  • If you are considering purchasing a headlamp for yourself, you will love our FEATURES TO LOOK FOR/HOW TO CHOOSE A HEADLAMP page.
  • You may also find it interesting to note the many ways headlamps can be used on the 13 USES FOR A HEADLAMP page.